Boutique Hats

home-pageHokianga Hats is a boutique hat-making company, located in Rawene on the Hokianga Harbour. Hokianga means “place of returning”: according to legend it is where the explorer Kupe landed before sailing back to mythical Hawaiiki and returning with the Maori people.

The Hokianga area is a beautiful place to live and work. The sewing room has a stunning view of the harbour which is often inspirational in our designs. Judy Cartwright is the designer/hat-maker and makes creative summer hats for everyday wear. She mainly uses natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and hemp for her hats. All hats are adjustable for a terrific fit, they fold easily for travelling and wash well. Our range features a selection of brims and styles so there’s something to suit everyone.

Hokianga Hats are available in selected shops throughout NZ and we have one outlet in the UK. If you would like to visit the workshop and have fun trying on hats, please telephone for an appointment.

Boutique Hats

Every hat is a pleasure to make and we certainly enjoy our work.